To Align Sales and Marketing Change the Game From Relay Race to Triple Threat

If you’re the CEO of a B2B SaaS business, you've likely noticed deal closure rates declining over the past few quarters. Multiple surveys have confirmed this troubling trend, with The Bridge Group reporting that SaaS win rates declined from 23% in 2023 to 19% in their 2024 SaaS Account Executive Report. Clearly, something needs to change to reverse this sales slump. But what? Some CEOs may think the answer is simply to push reps harder to cover more pipeline. Traditional guidance is to maintain 3X pipeline coverage to hit quota. So naturally, many leaders look to increase this to 4X [...]

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Start-up CEOs: When Should You Hire Your First CMO / VP Marketing?

I’m surprised by how many B2B start-up CEOs are still building their companies the old fashioned way:  First, they assemble a product team and build the product in stealth mode. Then, they hire a hot-shot direct salesperson to go out and sell it. They plan to build their marketing team after their revenue starts ramping and eventually hire a CMO / VP Marketing when they are more established. If you're thinking “What’s wrong with this approach? Many successful companies have used it” then keep on reading... Just Hiring a Rolodex® is Not the Answer By hiring a sales leader first, [...]

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