To Align Sales and Marketing Change the Game From Relay Race to Triple Threat

If you’re the CEO of a B2B SaaS business, you've likely noticed deal closure rates declining over the past few quarters. Multiple surveys have confirmed this troubling trend, with The Bridge Group reporting that SaaS win rates declined from 23% in 2023 to 19% in their 2024 SaaS Account Executive Report. Clearly, something needs to change to reverse this sales slump. But what? Some CEOs may think the answer is simply to push reps harder to cover more pipeline. Traditional guidance is to maintain 3X pipeline coverage to hit quota. So naturally, many leaders look to increase this to 4X [...]

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An Optimist, a Pessimist and a Marketer walk into a bar…

There are two key ways to differentiate yourself to grow in a crowded market: 1) refine your target market definition, and 2) improve your positioning. To read more about how to 'change the glass' see Sharpen Your Target Market to Build a Better Demand Generation Machine and How To Grow In A Crowded Market. I like to illustrate this with my take on an old joke: “While the optimist and pessimist argue whether a glass is half full or half empty, the marketer changes the glass.” So stop worrying whether the glass is half full or half empty and get to work redefining your glass! [...]

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The Secret to Building A World-Class Sales and Marketing Team

When asked to recommend candidates by executives that are looking to build or expand their sales and marketing team, the first step I take is to determine the organization’s priorities. A question that often comes up is whether experience, in either a vertical industry or horizontal technology, should trump cultural fit, current skills and potential? In this post, I'll first take a look at whether this approach works, before providing you with 4 easy steps to build a world-class sales and marketing team by hiring based not on what candidates already know, but how quickly they can learn and adapt. Are Skills or Experience a Better Indicator of Future Success? An old [...]

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5 Steps to Tune Up Your Revenue Engine and Increase B2B Sales

Whether you're in a start-up that's recently confirmed your product/market fit or in an established company that's ready to act on a new growth opportunity, to increase B2B sales you should periodically assess and tune your revenue engine. To make sure your sales and marketing processes are ready to help you accelerate your business, here are 5 steps you should take (or re-take) before you push the pedal to the floor. 1. Simplify and Document Your Existing B2B Sales Process If you're running a startup, you likely kept your sales process flexible while you were determining product/market fit. And if you recently [...]

Sharpen Your Target Market to Build a Better Demand Generation Machine

Target Market: A specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services. Your target customers are those who are most likely to buy from you. Resist the temptation to be too general in the hopes of getting a larger slice of the market. That's like firing 10 bullets in random directions instead of aiming just one dead center of the mark--expensive and dangerous. - In my post titled Start-up CEOs: When Should You Hire a CMO? I talked about several demand generation tactics start-up leaders should avoid. There is no 'free lunch' despite the [...]

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Start-up CEOs: When Should You Hire Your First CMO / VP Marketing?

I’m surprised by how many B2B start-up CEOs are still building their companies the old fashioned way:  First, they assemble a product team and build the product in stealth mode. Then, they hire a hot-shot direct salesperson to go out and sell it. They plan to build their marketing team after their revenue starts ramping and eventually hire a CMO / VP Marketing when they are more established. If you're thinking “What’s wrong with this approach? Many successful companies have used it” then keep on reading... Just Hiring a Rolodex® is Not the Answer By hiring a sales leader first, [...]

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Micro-Segmentation in the Age of Big Data

One of the essential topics taught in introductory marketing courses is the concept of market segmentation, which is the division of a market into groups of consumers that share one or more characteristics. Although most marketers understand the value of segmentation as a means to better target their efforts, many are daunted by the task of applying segmentation in an age of Big Data, where a deluge of information—both internal and external—is available. In this post, I’ll quickly review traditional B2C and B2B approaches to segmentation and touch on the concepts of anti-segments before relaying story of how a retailer [...]

Employ Predictive Analytics To Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

Measurement is a key discipline for any modern marketer. Metrics that measure inbound, outbound, brand and other performance are all critical for understanding marketing effectiveness and its impact on sales. Yet, a Fournaise Marketing Group survey reported that 73% of CEOs think marketers lack business credibility, since they can't prove they generate business growth. So, how can CMOs leverage new tools, such as predictive analytics, to measure marketing’s impact on revenue and improve sales and marketing alignment? A New Generation of Marketing Analytics Tools Thanks to a new generation of marketing analytics tools, today's CMO has the ability to measure the impact [...]

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